Cloud9's autimatic explains Stewie2K’s role in Team Liquid CS:GO

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  After winning the 2018 Boston Major and leaving Cloud9, it was a turbulent year for Stewie, but he has fared better in?2019 under Liquid -?following a largely disappointing stint with MiBR.

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  It was Stewie's ?with the AWP on Inferno that many remember as the most memorable moment?from the Boston Major final vs FaZe, which sent the match to overtime before he, autimatic and co. went on to lift the trophy.

  During his June 3 stream, autimatic discussed how impactful his former teammate can be for any team, thanks to his ability to adapt his offensive pushes "when he realizes teams are catching on to how he's doing something, he'll fix it and tell his teammates how he wants to be supported."